This website is aimed not only at promoting a business and the skills of Beyond Body Modification and the artist/s involved, but also to inform the general public about Body Art and related Practices. This is so that the general public may conceptualize and after contact with one of the artists, will have that concept manifested.

“Concreate Body Art” was and still is the continuation of a brand well known as “Wicked”. “Wicked” was synonymous with the skills of Master Piercer Eddie Graham, who was widely regarded as the best piercer and modification artist in South Africa at the time. Before Eddie passed away, he made sure that all he had learnt and envisioned would be continued through his apprentice, Conrad Francis Feldman.

Eddie believed Conrad had the vision, co-ordination and aptitude necessary to take the body modification industry to the next level. Which is not only to further and improve on standards and techniques, but more importantly to educate a nation. Breaking down negative stigmas associated with expression through body art.

It became evident to Conrad that the task at hand was too big for him to handle on his own, so he sought out the right people to help him. By rebranding and branching out into reputable studios across the country, Conrad believed he would have a greater reach and influence on the practice of body art in the country. Concreate Body Art is the Flagship and will always be at the core of Beyond Body Modification.

Body Art is and always will be an important means to self-expression and is one of the ways people can pay homage to themselves as individuals, by acknowledging their existence through aesthetic representation. Since tribal days, Body Art has been a way to mark one’s acceptance of one’s self, and in so doing, helping one to understand, accept and respect the individualism of ourselves and our fellow human beings.

The world at large seems to have forgotten this in its quest for civilization and has inadvertently turned us into savages who judge recklessly, without regard for an individual’s achievements and abilities.

“The Beyond Brand” will continue to offer the quality, creative and innovative Body Art and Jewellery, as did its predecessor “Wicked”. In so doing, breakdown the barriers in human understanding to the point of conscious enlightenment for all.

We invite you to tour this site and contact us so that we may set up lines of communication to co-create a more comfortable You.