Born in Pretoria South Africa under a very religious family I always thought I had a different mindset to others around me when it came to self-expression.

I had my first piercing done when I was 16 years old, I had placed a bet with my mom that if I got good marks I would be allowed to get the piercing done with her consent. Although she was not too happy about my lip piercing it was one of the best days of my life.

After high school I started working in corporate and it is safe to say that I did not enjoy it. I felt that there was a template in place on how to live your life, how to look and how to act.

I wanted to express myself in a different way. Thus in 2018 I started at a Tattoo and piercing studio against my mom’s best wishes. I flourished thus I wanted to learn more and more, It was always a dream of mine to join the Beyond Body modification brand however in late 2020 my dream came true to be able to work under Conrad, Franca and Moshe and be part of the hallmark of what piercing should be.

I strive to give my clients the best experience possible and have them feel like themselves in every way.

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