I’ve always thought the world made more sense when one has made as many people as possible, as happy as possible! Being able to surround myself with all forms of art and seeing a huge seafood platter of creativity jolted my interest in helping people express themselves.

Every star aligned in my favor when I discovered body modification, it took me and RAN! At the end of the day reality has a cruel way making you see what is and what isn’t, after years of being stagnant (doing a bunch of stuff that received none of my passion) when the apprenticeship with Beyond Body Modification was presented to me.  I found my why and being able to put smiles on people’s faces and witnessing that there is no right or wrong way to purely express yourself, being able to help make that a reality for people makes it all worth it!

This is the first chapter and I can’t wait to contribute to the art and figure out my Why’s, What’s, Where’s and When’s!

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