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Shawn Gillespie · 071 863 1170

Services Offered: Jewellery Sales |  Standard Piercing | Genital Piercing

I was born at a very young age to a family of hill people. We didn’t get along so they threw me out and I was raised by mountain goats. The next few years I did many things until 1995 when I finished high school and having absolutely no idea what to do next, found employment in a bank. That sucked so I moved to a different bank which also proceeded to suck. I moved to the final bank where I am the reason for their no piercing rule. It was at some point during my banking “career” that I discovered piercings.

I got my first two piercings (tongue and eyebrow) and over the next few years found myself wandering into piercing studios and walking out with piercings. Before I knew it, I had a decent collection. My mother hated every single one (and still does). I realised that banking was not for me so I quit and became a lay about.

In 2001 I found I had a knack for graphic design and so did a crash course and started freelancing. I doubt I was very good back then. It was in early 2002 that I met my future mentor Eddie Graham and found myself visiting Eddie’s studio a few days a week. This is where I first found my love of piercing and body modification. I had been raised in a fairly conservative family so I was never exposed to these things. It was Eddie who opened a world I never knew existed.
One day, while I was visiting him and we were eating the usual breakfast of eggs on toast, Eddie offered me an apprenticeship which I very gladly accepted. For the next couple of years I would learn the foundations of body piercing. Here, I would do my first body suspension. I loved it and was quite literally hooked.

By 2003 I had become a bit disillusioned with the industry and when I was given the opportunity to work abroad, I decided to pursue the opportunity. I did some crazy and most would say stupid things. The love and passion for body piercing never left me. It would be 10 years before I made a return to my true passion.
A couple of years later I returned to South Africa, a very different human being (some might argue the human being part) and discovered I was utterly lost for what to do next. I put out feelers in the piercing industry but by this time Eddie had passed away and there wasn’t anything worth pursuing. At a complete loss I found myself freelancing as a graphic designer once again, branching out into web design and later, web development.

Years passed and I once again made contact with Conrad Feldman. We remained Facebook friends until, in 2013 I saw Conrad ask for volunteers for a large suspension planned for later that year. Having not been pierced or suspended for 10 years I jumped at the chance. So began the preparation and testing that culminated in spending 45 minutes hanging from a crane with 2 hooks in my back, 25 meters up with 12 other people.

Then in 2014 I went to Conrad to get my nipples repierced followed shortly by a scarification. It wasn’t long after that Conrad asked me if I’d like to get back into body piercing. There was no thought required and I immediately said yes. I spent 3 months with Conrad brushing up and learning all the techniques which had changed so much in the past few years. I am now working under the Beyond Body Modification brand, resident at Canvas Cultique in Alberton.

I like long walks in the moonlight and sushi. In my spare time, depending on creativity (or lack thereof), enjoy digital art and polymer clay sculpture. I like to read (books and cereal boxes mostly). I have a very large collection of music, movies and TV series. I may not look it, but I’m a really big geek. Though you will if you speak to me for any length of time.

My aim is to provide you with the best service possible. Always striving for a perfectly aligned piercing that looks good and fits the individual person and their unique anatomy. More important than that is making the experience as comfortable and painless as I possibly can.

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