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Lea Bécas Feldman · 083 475 0524

Services Offered: Jewellery Sales |  Standard Piercing | Genital Piercing


A short story about me:

Hi, I’m Lea, mother of 2 amazing girls and a little boy.
I have been on a lifelong journey to find out more about all the things I love, and body piercing is one of my great loves.

I have always been interested in body piercing, and at the tender age of 13 I had my nose pierced for the first time, and ofcourse was asked to take it out for school, but  I tried  with all my might to stick it out and hold on for dear life to this personal expression of myself.
Throughout high school I  got my nose pierced about 5 times because I loved it so much but kept having to take it out, but I never gave up.

This is how I still feel to this day about each and every one of my piercings.

I had worked many years in jobs I could not relate to, and never truly felt like myself.

I came to work for Beyond with Conrad just doing the administration and monthly accounts but the more time I spent in his studio the more I fell in love with the art and discipline of all and any of the forms of body modification. I felt at ease within myself and it felt right being there.

One of my favorite parts of body piercing is the amazing people I get to meet everyday, and to be able to help them along their own journey in life and overcome the fears they face. Especially the fear of pain.

I love every day I get to be part of this amazing vocation and my passion for this art form grows deeper every day.

I look forward to being a part of your personal journey.

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