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Services Offered: Jewellery Sales |  Standard Piercing | Genital Piercing | Body Modification

Conrad Francis Feldman is a Body Modification artist, specializing in genital piercing and various other modification procedures. He is the Managing Director of Concreate Body Art and the brain behind the Beyond brand.

Ever since he was a young boy he was fascinated with Body Modification. “I was always staring intently at pictures, books and television programmes that had anything to do with the subject.”

“I have always been a Creative, whether it was Visual Art or Writing. After school I lived and worked on a kibbutz in Israel for a year in 2000.”

It was here that he discovered exactly how precise he could be when working with his hands. And it was in Israel that he started exploring Body Art freely without being judged. However, he knew this was not to be the case when he returned to South Africa. But he had a Passion for Body Art that would never die.

On returning to South Africa I started what would be a 5 year long battle to get an apprenticeship in a very tightly knit industry of the Body Modification Arts.”

He was literally turned away from every tattoo artist and body piercer during those 5 years. “However, during this time I also self-studied everything I could about Body Art and Body Modification, through the Internet and any books I could find on the subject.”

Just when the rejection of the industry started getting to him and he was close to giving up. He decided to go out in a blaze of glory, and went to meet with a man he had great respect for and admired a lot, but never quite had the courage to approach before.

This man was Master Piercer Eddie Graham, widely regarded as the “guru” of Body Piercing and Modification in South Africa. A man who not only brought Body Modification practices into South Africa’s modern culture, but was respected by all because of his high standards and ideals.

“I guess I figured, that one only gives up when the best tells you that you’re wasting your time.”

But he didn’t, Eddie saw the passion bubbling over in Conrad and after glancing over his resume, he was content that Conrad had the aptitude and creativity for the job. “My apprenticeship under Eddie’s mentorship began 2 weeks later.”

Eddie was especially happy that Conrad had never pierced anyone before, because this meant that he had not picked up any bad habits from other piercers. It meant Conrad could be trained quicker and better than anyone he had tried to mentor in the past.”

“I will eternally be grateful to Eddie for giving me the chance, which has shaped my life and future, and allowed me to find comfort within my own skin.”

“In addition to learning everything technically and procedurally that Eddie had to teach, I also learnt much about myself in the process and how to deal with and treat my clients with the respect they so rightly deserve.”

Eddie is sadly missed, but be assured that his memory will live forever and Conrad will continue his legacy and take it even further throughout his career as a Body Modification Artist.

“I’m here to help you find comfort within yourself, through Body Art…”

So please put us to work… and experience Beyond Body Modification.

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