General Piercing Aftercare

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap (Protex Gentle is ideal), then rinse.
  • Again take the bar of soap and lather it up in your hands.
  • Move this lather to the piercing.
  •  Use the lather to first GENTLY remove the “crusties” from the jewellery.
  • Makes sure all the hard residue is gone from the jewellery before you move the soap into the piercing.
  • You do this by GENTLY moving the jewellery back and forth in the piercing.
  • You will now notice that the soap starts looking thick and sticky, it has now trapped the waste products.
  • Rinse the piercing thoroughly with warm water.
  • If there is still white fluid present, repeat the cleaning until all the discharge has been removed.
  • Then take a clean absorbent tissue (Kleenex) and hold it to the piercing to absorb all the moisture.
  • Once all the moisture is gone, leave the piercing alone until the next time you have to clean it.
  • A piercing should ideally be cleaned twice daily, preferably in the morning after waking and at night before bedtime.
  • A piercing should also be washed after any activity that would cause the body to sweat excessively, this includes sexual intercourse.
  • In the case of genital or oral piercings it is advisable to either abstain from sexual relations or use a condom, as the region is very vulnerable to the transmission of bodily fluids and sexually transmitted diseases or infections.
  • If there is a lot of swelling and inflammation, you may take any of the over the counter anti-inflammatories, anything with ibuprofen should help.
  • If a competent Piercer pierced you, there is no reason why this cleaning method and procedure shouldn’t be sufficient for a high percentage of the population. And it will help the piercing heal in the shortest period of time possible and in the least expensive way.
  • There are many other cleaning products that are prescribed. However sometimes these products can do more harm than good, that is if you over use them or do not know how to use them.

A Piercee should follow these simple rules:

  • Make sure you are being pierced in a sterile environment.
  • DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PIERCINGS except after you have washed your hands first and are about to begin the Cleaning Procedure.
  • DO NOT LET ANYBODY TOUCH YOUR PIERCINGS. The leading causes of infections and initial transmission of bacteria are from hand contact, so be careful. HANDS OFF!

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